Adios Los Estados, Hola Central America

So I’ve never done this blogging thing before, and to be honest it intimidates me! So I beg for your patience as I get to know this new blogging culture (and as my grammar is far from perfect). Our first entry is from me, since I got Brett and me into this mess. You will hear from Brett a little later. So here we go … First post…Hmmm…How to start…

Maybe it was all the bean and cheese tacos at Taco Cabana. Maybe it was Ricky Martin’s suave moves. Maybe it was growing up in a city where Spanglish is a language and the minor league baseball team’s mascot is a walking taco with arms. Maybe it was the Sunday afternoon family lunches at Alamo Cafe where my sisters and I turned eating tortillas into a masquerade party, biting three holes into the center of the tortilla – one for the mouth, two for the eyes.

Or maybe it was being born in Latin America, passing out church flyers on the streets of Brazil at the age of two (nice marketing Dad). Maybe it was growing up in a family where the poor were not strangers, where serving was familiar and rice and beans were a favorite meal. (Picadillo. Look up the recipe. But it won’t be as good as my mom’s.)

Maybe it was the hours of Spanish homework, watching too much Dora the Explorer or singing worship songs in Spanish at Oak Hills Church…

But I have a hunch that it goes further back than my tortilla-face days. I have a hunch that as God spoke me into existence, he whispered a dream into my heart that hasn’t stopped echoing.

Latina America. I’m supposed to go there. I’m supposed to serve there, live there, love there. I don’t know why! But I just know that the dream He spoke into me is finally coming true.

Brett and I are on our first-ever, one-way flight. A one-way flight to El Salvador where we will be living with and serving alongside one of the most courageous missionaries I know, Kara Wilson. We will stay there for the better part of two months, and then we are off to Guatemala City. There we will live with over 60 orphans at an orphanage called Fundaninos along with a couple from Ft. Worth, Scott and Carrie Hunnicut. And because of your financial support we are transforming the orphanage’s rat-infested kitchen into a new HGTV-infested kitchen. We will end our trip with ten days in Peru, visiting some friends of ours doing mission work in Lima.

So there ya go. Our rough outline for the next 5 1/2 months. And it’s just that – a ROUGH outline. Only God knows the details. Who knows where He will take us? And who knows where your prayers will take us? Speaking of prayers, here’s how you can specifically intercede on our behalf during our adventure:

That our minds and hearts will be HERE, present, focused 
Relationships with new people and Kara and the Hunnicuts, our new roomies
Quick learning of Spanish
Hearts come to know God’s heart more
Growth in our marriage


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