Hot Dogs In The Hard Rain


An adequate yet concise post is challenging with all we have seen and experienced in these first two weeks. How about one story, some highlights, facts, and prayer needs?

God has faithfully directed our path and challenged us down ones in which we have been timid to walk. We’ve already been exposed to both sides of the economic spectrum, being around those with and those without.  I confess an uneasiness of our first time feeding those on the streets of the capital city of San Salvador.

We met at a missionary’s home, at 7pm, formed an assembly line to prepare a meal of chips, cookies, a drink, and a hot dog doused in mustard and ketchup. We set out in a texas-sized pickup truck, 10 of us in the back. Within minutes of wi-fi and a roof, hundreds of people (the really old and far too young were the most unsettling) ran to the truck in the middle of a monsoon type downpour. 250 hot dogs gone in minutes. We must have had the phrase, “form a line” wrong in Spanish because we were swallowed up by extended hands and a survival-mode mentality.  At one point the rain was so bad we all bailed out of the truck bed and stood under the porch of some run down, abandoned buildings.  In the “homes” of the homeless we stood.

The experience kind of strengthened me and weakened me all at once, if that makes sense. We will do it again soon.

Our dear friend Kara Wilson needs prayers this week. This is the fireball of a young woman whom we have known for years (in the youth group when i got to Oak Hills in ’03 and one of Jenna’s childhood bf’s). We actually took her to the airport this afternoon where she flew back to San Antonio for some doctor’s appointments. She has not been feeling well, and we are certain she has been attacked spiritually a lot in the last few months.

Her efforts down here, in short, are towards reunification of families to their once orphaned child. The Salvadorian government has decided that it’s time to empty out care centers and orphanages and give young children or teens back to their families. If families refuse, the threat is arrest. Where doubt sees obstacles with all the problems within this decision, Kara views it as an opportunity to do what she has felt called to since she was about 14.  We love being around her so much. Passion and wisdom in every decision. A missionary with the truest sense of purpose.

Some facts:

Independence day for El Salvador from the Spanish is Sept 15. Everyone has fireworks, especially our neighbors.

We share our apartment with lots of ants and Kara said they did not sign the lease.

A “Frappucino” is the same at every Starbucks, no matter where on earth you are.

It has rained every day we’ve been here

“There are many dogs in el Salvador.” this a quote from our new friend, Ellie, and she is right.

Pastors are good at yelling.

Laundry on a line is a new concept to us youngsters.

Prayer needs:
Kara’s health and ministry
Language classes/skills
Ministry opps to continue
Our hearts to grow closer to God’s and each other.

a few pics:

– Brett